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Friday, June 6, 2008


The Future of Weed Control.
Pistol®, The Future of Weed Control

    Pistol®, from Bayer Environmental Science, offers season long control in one application for both HARD and SOFT surfaces. This classification covers a wide range of application areas: Kerbs, Paths, Street pavements, Waste ground, Industrial areas, Fence lines, Railway lines, Road Verges, around the base of mature trees and established ornamental shrubs for targeted spot treatment.

    Pistol® is contact and residual, rainfast within 1 hour and ensures excellent levels of weed control for over 6 months after treatment.

    Pistol® is completely safe to all mature street trees. It remains near the surface of the soil with little or no lateral movement and does not therefore come into contact with the trees’ roots.

    Being non-hazardous and non-irritant, there is no operator exposure risk with a broader weed spectrum than current treatments; more weeds are killed per application. As it is low dose it also generates low packaging waste – approximately 65% reduction in packaging compared to current treatments and 65% less energy required to both manufacture and transport.

    In addition to Pistol® offering season long control in one application, at the busiest times of year it provides an essential halt to constantly growing weeds and provides a valuable role in reducing the weed seed bank.

    Pistol® controls and prevents weeds - one application lasts all season long!

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