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Total weed control products are non-selective herbicides for use in situations where all vegetation is to be eliminated, typically in amenity and industrial areas.
Pistol® : Controls broad-leaved weeds and grasses on soft, gravel and hard surfaces and railway ballast
Fungicides are products which are specifically designed to counteract the effect of parasitic fungi which invade plant tissues or inhabit the rootzone of soil.
Chipco® Green : Contact Turf Fungicide
Interface® : Unique StressGard™ formulation technology, Contact and mesostemic turf fungicide, Unsurpassed control against 6 key turf diseases, Can be used all year round
Scorpio® : Controls broad spectrum of turf diseases
Insecticides are products which are designed to control pests such as leatherjackets and chafer grubs which can cause damage to fine turf.
Merit® Turf : Controls chafer grubs and leatherjackets in managed amenity turf situations.
Selective herbicides are weedkillers which control undesired plants without damaging desired plants; for example, controlling broad-leaved weeds in turf
Longbow® : Set your sights on turf weeds with New Longbow®

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