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Timbrel TIMBRELcan be used as a forestry herbicide for 1. Scrub clearance pre-planting and post-planting. 2. Basal bark application frill girdling and trunk injection to control unwanted standing coppice of scrub. 3. Cut stump applications to prevent growth of unwanted coppice shoots. TIMBREL can be used on land not intended to bear vegetation such as motorway and railway embankments, roadsides, grassland of no agricultural interest and industrial areas for the control of woody weeds, brambles, nettles and perennial broad-leaved weeds. Contains 667 g/litre (44.3% w.w) triclopyr butoxy ethyl ester (480 g/litre triclopyr acid equivalent).
  • Controls a wide range of woody weeds while being selective to grass
  • Used as a stump treatment
  • Can be used in combination with mixture ‘B’ to control Japanese Knotweed
  • Excellent for renovation work

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