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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bayer Environmental Science launch LONGBOW®

Set your sights on turf weeds with New Longbow®
Bayer Environmental Science launch LONGBOW®

Bayer Environmental Science is delighted to announce the launch of their NEW selective herbicide LONGBOW® (MAPP 14316 PCS 03731) which is available from January 2010.

LONGBOW® is a selective herbicide which contains a unique mix of 4 active ingredients to offer outstanding control of a broad range of weeds in all managed amenity turf.

LONGBOW® is a powerful combination of 4 active ingredients which is ideal for use on all sports turf areas and lawns and has versatile application methods.
Paul Clifton, Head of Bayer Environmental Science UK and Ireland says: “LONGBOW® is a welcomed new addition to our turf product range for 2010 and really does perform well on a wide range of turf and lawn weeds. If your target in 2010 is to control major turf weeds, then aim Longbow® at them and set your sights for excellent weed control”.
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