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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bayer announce innovation at STRI research event

With a range of practical demonstrations and trial results, STRI’s annual research event offered a valuable insight into the future of the sports turf industry for the 250 attending greenkeepers and groundstaff.
Bayer revealed limited details about an innovative forthcoming turf fungicide, along with providing an insight into their research and development process for bringing products to market.

"Visitors to the STRI event had the opportunity to see some of our work and gain an insight into the research that is carried out to develop a new product," says Bayer’s Colin Mumford. Currently in the final stages of the regulatory approval process, the upcoming fungicide uses the latest in StressGard™ Formulation Technology and introduces a whole new active ingredient class to the sports turf sector.

Colin adds, this technology is the culmination of 15 years of research and development. "It has been proven to be both effective and reliable in enhancing disease management and stress reduction, to improve playability and performance within our existing fungicide product, Interface®."

The trials showcased at the STRI research event represent Bayer’s vision for the future of fungicides; reduced chemical inputs and the introduction of new solutions, within an integrated approach to control and improving sustainability. "We aim to provide Turf Managers with solutions to maximise disease control, whilst at the same time minimising the risk of disease resistance. Ensuring our products have little or no impact on the environment is also a key driver of our product development.

"We are a strong advocate for integrated disease control programmes and firmly believe that this approach is key in addressing resistance issues and for the wider future of turf management," he concludes.

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