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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bayer announces Fungicide Programme competition winners.

Bayer has announced the winners of its fungicide programme iPad competition.

Chris Barker from Pannal Golf Club, Matt Porter from Leigh Sports Village and Ben Goodyear from Alresford Golf Club have each received a brand new iPad 2 having correctly answered a series of three questions, which Bayer put to turf professionals visiting the three-day BTME event in January.

"We’re delighted to present Chris, Matt and Ben each with an iPad," comments Bayer’s Dave Orchard. "We think customer involvement is very important and we relish the opportunity to reward their loyalty with giveaways like this.
Chris Barker from Pannal Golf Club with Bayer's Dave Orchard
"Given the surge in industry professionals embracing online media and use of technology, illustrated with the recent launch of our new online best practice video series for turf managers, it was the perfect prize to offer," he believes.

The competition coincided with the development of the company’s new integrated disease management fungicide programme, aimed at assisting turf professionals in achieving long-term year round results against turf diseases, through integrated disease management means.
Ben Goodyear with Bayer's Eleanor Jenks
"The BTME event gave us an ideal chance to hold this competition and to showcase our highly effective Fungicide Programme. Consisting of Chipco Green® and Dedicate® fungicides it has been devised as a means for turf professionals to achieve best long-term and year round results against turf diseases, supportive of an integrated disease management programme."
Matt Porter from Leigh Sports Village with Bayer's Dave Orchard

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