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Monday, August 11, 2008

CHIPCO® GREEN Has A New Approval

CHIPCO GREEN, Bayer Environmental Science’s top selling contact fungicide for turf, which has been tried and trusted for over 27 years, has a new approval (MAPP 13843, PCS 02714).

CHIPCO GREEN is a contact fungicide with curative and preventative action against a number of turf diseases including Fusarium. James Hadlow, Bayer Environmental Science’s new Technical and Marketing Manager, points out that “CHIPCO GREEN controls on contact so does not rely on weather or grass growth, it also has excellent rain-fast properties and is very reliable and fast acting”.

Today, CHIPCO GREEN is used on some of the most prestigious turf around the world, making the product a truly global player. It has been manufactured to the same formulation since it was first produced in liquid form, as Rovral Green in early 1981. New environmental pressures have highlighted an additional benefit of CHIPCO GREEN says Paul Clifton, Head of Bayer Environmental Science UK and Ireland: “With a programmed approach to the use of fungicides becoming the norm, and with an increasing number of turf managers adopting green policies with regard to organic based fertilisers, CHIPCO GREEN’s compatibility with beneficial microbes and organisms is yet another attribute that helps keep the product at the top.”

An ideal partner for CHIPCO GREEN in turf fungicide programmes is DEDICATE which has a different mode of action to CHIPCO GREEN. DEDICATE is approved for fusarium patch, red thread, dollar spot and has the additional bonus of anthracnose and rust control in managed amenity turf - all year round.

Mr Hadlow highlights that DEDICATE really is the ultimate in FAST, long lasting disease control. Specially formulated for turf uses DEDICATE is a broad spectrum fungicide which both cures and prevents turf disease and is rain-fast within the hour.

Unlike chlorothalonil based fungicides, CHIPCO GREEN and DEDICATE, are approved for use via knapsack sprayers as well as conventional boom sprayers.

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