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Longbow®: the answer to daisies and clover for Tulfarris

Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort, in Blessington County Wicklow, has opted for Bayer Environmental Science’s new Longbow® weedkiller to tackle its turf weeds. David Brady, Head Greenkeeper at the Resort, explained:

“Tulfarris is a luxury resort and our guests expect the very best. For me, this means the course must be pristine and so I needed to solve the problem of the clover and daisies on the fairways and tees. I’ve tried a number of herbicides in the past and needed two or three applications in the season to get the right result. Longbow® was different. The trials I did proved it to be effective very quickly; just one application in the season was all I needed, two only in the most extreme cases. It was the obvious choice.”

Four active ingredients

Kenny Liddell, Bayer’s National Account Manager confirmed; “With a unique formulation, Longbow® contains a powerful combination of four active ingredients which offers broad spectrum weed control. It is absorbed by the leaves and roots, being readily moved around the whole of the weed. It acts by disrupting the hormonal balance and interferes with growth, killing the weeds”.

Longbow® can be applied to all turf, sports and amenity grasslands using a range of different methods, including a knapsack sprayer or a watering can with a medium rose.
Longbow® is classified as Non-Harzardous and Non-Irritant to the operator under Chip 3 and COSHH regulations, something identified as a key benefit by David Brady.

He continued: “This is a huge benefit for us; it means we are using a product that gives us the desired results while the operator is using as friendly a product as possible.” Concluding, David Brady said: “I have worked with a number of different Bayer products in the past and have always found them to be effective. In tandem, the company has been helpful, responding quickly to any questions I’ve had. They’ve always found a solution to whatever problem I was facing.”

[ last update: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 ]