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Two years ago, the Department of Transport’s Engineering Works Division on the Isle of Mann took the decision to move to Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) products to cut down on chemical usage and the need for disposal of excess, particularly mixed product left in spray tanks.
At that stage, the CDA herbicides were applied via handheld CDA lances. However, whilst the estate areas were being treated for weed growth, the handheld operatives did not have sufficient time to spray the long stretches of road, including the famous TT course.

During last year, maintenance manager Alan Hardinge fitted an ‘Easy-Spray’ Kerb Spraying Unit, from Telford-based Amenity Land Services (ALS), onto a compact sweeper and applied Bayer Environmental Science’s non-irritant herbicide CDA Vanquish¨, primarily for spot treatment, whilst sweeping was carried out. In 2004, Hardinge plans to use the KSU earlier in the year and extend the application by spray with Bayer’s residual herbicide.
Paul Clifton of Bayer Environmental Science says the decision to use the KSU stemmed from a two-day presentation and training workshop, run with Danny Jones of ALS, for the IOM Council and its operators.

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