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Merit® Turf

Residential lawns can be hit as badly as commercial sportsturf by the dreaded chafer grub, as Robin Dack of Emerald Lawncare in Winsford, Cheshire can testify.

Robin took on two new clients early in 2004 that had experienced chafer damage to their lawns in previous years. One is an avid gardener who was devastated when, in May 2004, extensive chafer damage to the lawn reoccurred.

Robin was given the opportunity to trial Merit® Turf and treated both lawns, one around 600 sq mts., the other 400 sq mts. The treatment was 100% effective, with no visible signs of the grubs or any loose grass to indicate their reappearance.

The product’s ease of use impressed Robin who has used most control products over the years:

"I’ve been in the business over 10 years and this is the most effective treatment I’ve ever used. It is easy to measure out and the granule size is perfect for application via a hand applicator."

By 16th July no beetles had been seen for three or four weeks and Ken had a healthy lawn with good colour and no sign of grub attack.

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