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Bayer Environmental Science’s new total residual herbicide, Pistol®, is to be trialled at the Fovant Badges site on the chalk hills near Salisbury. The Badges are military crests cut into the chalk hills as memorials to soldiers from WWI.
The 2,000 sq mts of chalk crests have to be maintained each year in order to preserve their clear outline on the hills and, with the natural encroachment of weeds, hand weeding is a daunting task.

Tony Pinder, Project Officer for the Society, hopes that Pistol will help to reduce both the annual maintenance costs and overcome one specific problem that they have incurred with herbicides, namely, chemical run-off.

As Bayer Environmental Science Marketing Manager John Hall explains, Pistol¨ provides solutions to both of the Society’s problems.

"The first of the two actives in Pistol’s formulation works via a unique ‘barrier activity’, inhibiting the germination of weeds coming up to the surface thereby giving longer lasting control. The second active controls weeds already at the surface."

"The problem of run-off", he continues, "is removed with Pistol, as the active diflufenican locks up in the soil, eliminating seepage and leeching into non-treated areas such as the grassland on the 30‹ slope surrounding the crests. Pistol’s low dose rate also makes it more environmentally friendly where a total herbicide is required."

Trials on selected badges were run in May with the full approval of both the landowner and DEFRA.

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