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Castlehume Golf Club, at Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh has approximately 10,000 sq metres Golf Greens, base on a sand/peat base soil. The fourteen-year-old sward is a Fescue/Bent mix.
The club was suffering from persistent attacks of Fusarium and Take-all patch. In mid April 2005, a month after the official launch of the product in Northern Ireland, Scorpio® was applied at the rate of 0.7 kg per HA in 500 litres of water by volume.

Within 48 hours the disease was under control and, to date (end May 2005) there is no sign of any reoccurrence of the disease.

Castlehume’s Head Greenkeeper, Kevin Nolan originally trialled the product, in July 2004, just on the fifth green. The green had a 15% level of disease at the time of treatment and the rapid clear up persuaded him to apply Scorpio® across all the greens this year.

"I always like to try something new, especially a fungicide" Kevin commented. ÒI found this product very easy and safe to use but, most of all, it gives a very effective control of the two diseases I was having problems with even in cold temperatures"

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