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In September last year Little Hay Golf Club in Hemel Hempstead ran trials of Scorpio®, as a treatment for fusarium.
The course, ex-agricultural land, is a heavily played local authority course with no temporary greens. The sward is 25 year old meadow grass with heavy shade over certain greens.

Two, the seventh and eighth, were particularly prone to fungal attack so Course Manager George Reid decided to spray Scorpio® as a precaution to one half of each green. A week after spraying George checked the greens and noted no discolouration.

Returning from holiday at the beginning of October, he discovered that all greens had a bad attack of fusarium. Greens were badly scarred but there was not sign of the disease on the right hand sides of greens seven and eight, those treated with Scorpio®. The left hand sides of these greens had been attacked.

On the 5th October George noted there was still no sign of fusarium on the Scorpio® treated areas and proceeded to spray all greens with Daconil. A month later there were still signs of the disease and the greens were sprayed with Bayer’s Chipco® Green. Chipco® Green was used at this time as a contact fungicide works better over late autumn and winter months.

In mid March 2005, although there had been a re-occurrence of fusarium on all greens, the two areas where Scorpio® had been applied were relatively free and a further application of Chipco® Green was made.

George has been very impressed with Scorpio® and plans to treat all greens this year:

"We can predict to within a week when fusarium will attack. This year we will be using Scorpio as a preventative treatment on all greens, which should greatly reduce the scar damage we usually experience over winter and spring."

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