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In late December last year Popes Mead Bowling Club, in West Sussex, ran trials of Scorpio®, the new fungicide from Bayer Environmental Science, as a treatment for fusarium.
The green was suffering from around 40 patches, averaging 2 inches in diameter, on the eight-year-old fescue, bent, poa mix sward on a sand/peat soil.

Norman Kennard, greenkeeper and one of the trustees at Popes Mead, decided to spray Scorpio® to a 1000m2 of the green. A month after spraying Norman checked the green and noted that the target had been killed and that the patches remained inactive.

Subsequent monthly checks indicated that there was no sign of fusarium on the Scorpio® treated areas.

To date, June 2005, Norman reports that fusarium has not reappeared since the treatment and that the greens have fully recovered to a dense green sward.

Having been very impressed with Scorpio’s speed and extent of control, Norman plans to use Scorpio® as a preventative treatment on the green this year.

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