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Revolutionary strobilurin fungicide Scorpio® from Bayer Environmental Science is giving a full 56 days of fusarium control in reports coming back from contractors and clubs.
In August 2005 Windermere Golf Club, a Parkland course and Site of Special Scientific Interest, had all 18 playing greens and the practice green treated with Scorpio®.

National contractors Amenity Contract Services, from St Helens Merseyside, applied the fungicide at a rate of just 700grams per hectare, using their own, purpose-built sprayer to treat the greens.

Course Manager, Tony Clark, said that the product lived up to its claims, giving at least 56 days control of the fusarium, with subsequent outbreaks being so small as to only require spot treatment. The club plans to use Scorpio® again this year as part of a disease control management programme utilising Chipco® Green and Mildothane® Turf Liquid. This combined approach utilises different actives, with different modes of action to reduce fungicide resistance build-up.

Danny Jones, from the Bayer Distributor, Amenity Land Services Ltd which supplied and advised on the use of Scorpio®, believes that the products efficacy, together with its novel new packaging designed to provide accurate measuring and eliminate operator handling of the fungicide, makes the product very attractive to contractors, green keepers and other end users.

[ last update: Thursday, August 21, 2008 ]